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Vishesh Leon Diengdoh


About me

I completed my bachelor’s degree (honours) in environmental science, working on traffic noise and vehicular density for my project work. My master’s degree was in ecology and environmental sciences working on soil carbon stock in different landscapes for my dissertation. Afterward, I worked on a REDD+ project with the state forest department. I then worked with a space applications centre and was involved in the development of a forest management plan for the state forest department using GIS, remote sensing and forest inventory data.

All of my academic and work experience took place in India. I then found myself on a flight bound for Australia to start my Ph.D with the DEEP group.

Key interests


  • ​pollinating insects 

  • honeyeaters

  • flying foxes

  • landscape ecology 

  • remote sensing 

  • machine learning

PhD research with DEEP

Where are the pollinators? Linking pollinator distribution with landscape and climate change

Bees are regarded as the more important pollinators within an agricultural system but in the natural environment, other pollinator groups collectively play an important role. How will changes in landscape and climate affect their distribution?

The different pollinator groups that I’m interested in are bees both native and introduced, wasps, beetles, butterflies and birds (honeyeaters).

Currently, I’m in a pilot phase, testing out different sampling approaches, from laying out the quadrats/transects to the observation of species diversity and count. The challenge is that there are landscapes with thick understory vegetation which makes sampling for birds, butterflies and other invertebrates difficult. The aim of the pilot phase is to develop a method that’s logistically feasible and capable of capturing the adequate amount of data.

*My PhD involves a significant amount of fieldwork, if you’re interested in gaining field experience please do contact me.

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