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STEM State Future Forum!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Last Wednesday, DEEP members could be found at Elizabeth Street Pier in Hobart, attending the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) State Future Forum. The Forum celebrated research, partnerships and people in the College of Sciences and Engineering (CoSE) at the University of Tasmania, and is one of two events being held in the State, the other scheduled in Launceston this Wednesday.

Significantly contributing to the event was DEEP Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Emily Flies, who joined seven other high-profile Australian Women in STEM to discuss issues of diversity, mentoring and visibility, relevant to all work places. This discussion is particularly important in STEM education and careers, with women heavily underrepresented in STEM subjects, from early education through to tertiary level and into the workforce. Barriers to pursuing a career in STEM are particularly strong for women from minority groups, disadvantaged backgrounds and rural areas, and the system is reinforcing through a shortage of female role models in STEM from these groups (Department of Industry Innovation & Science). It is, therefore, fantastic to hear from high-profile women in STEM, inspiring those in early career phases to pursue their passions within the field.

Dr. Emily Flies (2nd from left) on the Women and Diversity in STEM Panel

Dr. Flies has a history of engaging others through science communication and has certainly been an inspiration for both women and men within the DEEP group. Read more on Emily’s work here.

Also participating in the Forum were four DEEP PhD Candidates, who shared their research through a spectacle of poster presentations. Attracting 200 higher research degree students, 150 staff members, government, business and NGOs, the event was a great opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of our PhD candidates, and get some feedback from a range of affiliates.  

Carley Fuller – Have Amazonian protected areas reduced, or merely displaced, deforestation?

Vishesh Diengdoh – Pollinating insects and birds across a landscape

Elise Ringwaldt – Global drivers of disease transmission and distribution, using Tasmanian wildlife case-studies

Matthew Fielding – Has the extinction of emu subspecies impacted plant dispersal in Tasmania?

For more information on the upcoming STEM State Future Forum event in Launceston, see the UTAS 2019 events calendar

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