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February awards, presentations and preprints

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Awards and Presentations: PhD candidate Tristan Derham has has his paper 'Elephants as Refugees' shortlisted for the British Ecological Society's Rachel Carson Prize. The award celebrates the best work by an early-career researcher published in the journal People and Nature during the past year. The final winner will be announced within the coming weeks.

As part of her Science in the Pub Women in STEM award, PhD student Annie Nguyen has been invited to speak at several events, including a sold-out Science in the Pub event, and an online 'Conversations with inspiring women in STEMM' hosted by Science in the Pub and local radio show That's what I call Science.

Papers: a preprint 'Extinction of the Thylacine' by DEEP members Prof Barry Brook and Dr Jessie Buettel (etal.) has been getting a large amount of attention by the many people who are captivated by its tragic history.

Completions: Dr Matthew McDowell received the results of 19 radiocarbon dates submitted last year to the ANU radiocarbon lab. These dates will allow him to understand more of the history of several Tasmanian owl-roost deposits, and the fossil mammals that are included in it.

PhD student Tessa Smith has nearly completed fieldwork over the summer, visiting over 55 sites in Tasmania to collect leaf-litter beetles. This collection aims to better understand the distribution of these species, and how that might change in the future.

New(er) members: DEEP welcomes new Research Assistant Kenji Sabine who will assist with maintaining research equipment for the group.

Image sources: British Ecological Society, Wikipedia

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