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Jessie Buettel


About me

I did a PhD on ecological and anthropogenic change in plant and animal communities with a focus on the analysis and modelling of spatio-temporal patterns to reveal hidden information on processes in complex ecosystems (reality!). In 2016 I was a Dean’s Awardee and also received a grant to investigate how analytical methods from astrophysics can be applied to ecological systems, such as forests and treefall. As part of my active role in group management and development, I completed a scholarship-funded Advanced Leadership Programme from the National Excellence and Leadership Initiative (NEELI) Australia in 2016. I have also published on the benefits of using technology to improve the connection between people and nature. As part of the CABAH team, I am motivated to use my skills in conceptualisation and development of ecological models to improve forecasts of future change using both prehistoric and contemporary data sources.

Key interests

  • global change biology

  • ecological modelling

  • forestry management and environment

  • conservation and biodiversity

  • palaeoecology

My research history


Publications (recent)

Ringwaldt, E.M.; Brook, B.W.; Carver, S.; Buettel, J.C. (2021)The Patterns and Causes of Dermatitis in Terrestrial and Semi-Aquatic Mammalian Wildlife. Animals, 11, 1691.

Damien A. Fordham, Stephen T. Jackson, Stuart C. Brown, Brian Huntley, Barry W. Brook, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Anders Svensson, Spyros Theodoridis, Janet M. Wilmshurst, Jessie C. Buettel, Elisabetta Canteri, Matthew McDowell, Ludovic Orlando, Julia Pilowsky, Carsten Rahbek, David Nogues-Bravo (2020). Using paleo-archives to safeguard biodiversity under climate change. Science . Vol. 369, Issue 6507.

Fielding, M. W., Buettel, J. C. & Brook, B. W. (2020) Trophic rewilding of native extirpated predators on Bass Strait Islands could benefit woodland birds, Emu - Austral Ornithology.

Montalvo Mancheno, C. S., Ondei, S., Brook, B. W. & Buettel, J. C. (2019). Bioregionalization approaches for conservation: methods, biases, and their implications for Australian biodiversity. Biodiversity & Conservation, 

Flies, E. J., Mavoa, S., Zosky, G. R., Mantzioris, E., Williams, C., Eri, R., Brook, B. W. & Buettel, J. C. (2019). Urban-associated diseases: Candidate diseases, environmental risk factors, and a path forward. Environment International

Ondei, S., Brook, B.W., & Buettel, J.C. (2019). A flexible tool to prioritize areas for conservation combining landscape units, measures of biodiversity, and threats. Ecosphere.

Brook, B.W., Buettel, J.C. & Jarić, I. (2019). A fast re‐sampling method for using reliability ratings of sightings with extinction‐date estimators. Ecology.

Fielding, M.W., Buettel, J.C., Nguyen, H. & Brook, B.W. (2019). Ravens exploit wildlife roadkill and agricultural landscapes but do not affect songbird assemblages. Emu-Austral Ornithology. 

Fuller, C., Ondei, S., Brook, B.W., & Buettel, J.C. (2019). First, do no harm: A systematic review of deforestation spillovers from protected areas. Global Ecology and Conservation

Buettel, J.C. Ringwaldt, E.M., Hovenden, M.J. & Brook, B.W. (2019). Importance of the local environment on nutrient cycling and litter decomposition in a tall Eucalypt forest. Forests 10(4), 340.

Nguyen. H.K.D., Fielding, M.W.,  Buettel, J.C. & Brook, B.W. (2019). Habitat suitability, live abundance and their link to road mortality of Tasmanian wildlife. Wildlife Research  46(3): 236-246.

Brook, B.W., Buettel, J.C. & Jarić, I. A fast re-sampling method for using reliability ratings of sightings with extinction date estimators. Ecology (Accepted 24/4/19)

Buettel, J.C.; Brook, B.W.; Cole, A.; Dickey, J.; Flies, E.J. (2018). Astro-ecology? Shifting the interdisciplinary collaboration paradigm.Ecology and Evolution  8(19): 9586-9589. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.4455.

Flies, E.J., Brook, B.W., Blomqvist, L. & Buettel, J.C. (2018). Future global food demand and model complexity: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Environment International. 120: 93-103. DOI:

Buettel, J.C., Cole, A., Dickey, J.M. & Brook, B.W. (2018). Analyzing linear spatial features in ecology. Ecology 99: 1490-1497.

Brook, B.W., Sleightholme, S.R., Campbell, C.R. & Buettel, J.C. (2018). Deficiencies in estimating the extinction date of the thylacine with mixed certainty data. Conservation Biology  32: 1195-1197.

Lunn, T.J., Gerwin, M., Buettel, J.C. & Brook, B.W. (2018). Impact of intense disturbance on the structure and composition of wet-eucalypt forests: a case study from the Tasmanian 2016 wildfires. PLoS ONE 13(7) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0200905

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