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Cristian S. Montalvo Manchero


About me

On December 1st, 2017 I joined the Dynamics of Eco-Evolutionary Patterns (D.E.E.P.) Lab to pursue my doctorate degree. I was driven to work with the D.E.E.P research group by our shared research interest on the impact of global environmental change on biodiversity at macroecological scale.

Key interests

  • Bioregionalization

  • Terrestrial biodiversity

  • Systematic conservation planning

  • Macroecology

  • Global environmental change

PhD research with DEEP

Bioregional Systematic Conservation Planning of Australia’s Terrestrial Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

Supervisors: Prof. Barry Brook, Dr. Jessie Buettel, Dr. Stefania Ondei

By providing the underlaying basis for systematic conservation planning and environmental management at large scale, bioregionalized conservation schemes have played an important role in biodiversity conservation since early 90’s. Yet their efficacy and relevance for biodiversity conservation in a fast-changing world – known by many as the Anthropocene – remains understudied.

For my PhD project, I chose to focus on the Interim Biogeographic Regionalization for Australia (IBRA) framework – a biogeographical approach used explicitly to prioritize conservation actions on the ground over the last two decades – to understand the synthetic relationship between biodiversity and the spatial units of bioregionalized conservation schemes. To do this, I have organized my PhD thesis around the following four aims:

  • To synthesize how biodiversity has been researched within the planning units (i.e., bioregions) of the IBRA framework

  • To determine the robustness of IBRA framework to projected changes in environmental conditions

  • To assess whether IBRA bioregions with similar environmental conditions are connected

  • To present a model that enhances the adaptability of bioregional systematic conservation planning to environmental change

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My research history


I am originally from Quito – Ecuador, although I have been an expatriate for the past 13 years. Early in my professional development, I got interested in biodiversity conservation. As part of my bachelor’s degree, I had the opportunity to conduct a study on the impacts of tourism on the Galapagos Marine Reserve. This experience motivated me to do my master’s degree in Conservation Social Sciences at the University of Idaho – USA, where I conducted an original research on the knowledge needs and barriers to learning about financial funding mechanisms for protected area conservation in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. After completing my master’s degree, I took an intermission from formal academia to work for WWF Caucasus Programme Office in a variety of topics related to biodiversity conservation (e.g., climate change adaptation, species reintroduction, protected area design and management, landscape connectivity planning).




Montalvo Mancheno, C. S., Ondei, S., Brook, B. W. & Buettel, J. C. (2019). Bioregionalization approaches for conservation: methods, biases, and their implications for Australian biodiversity. Biodiversity & Conservation, 

Montalvo Mancheno, C. S., Zazanashvili, N., & Beruchashvili, G. (2017). Effectiveness of the network of protected areas of the South Caucasus at representing terrestrial ecosystems after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Environmental Conservation, 44(2), 158–165. doi:10.1017/s0376892916000424


Nakhutsrishvili, G., Zazanashvili, N., Batsatsashvili, K., & Montalvo Mancheno, C. S. (2015). Colchic and Hyrcanian forests of the Caucasus: Similarities, differences and conservation status. Flora Mediterranea, 25(Special Issue), 185-192. doi:10.7320/FlMedit25SI.185


Montalvo Mancheno, C. S., McLaughlin, W. J., Courrau, J. A., & De Urioste Fuentes, D. (2013). Identifying knowledge needs of conservation practitioners in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia on protected area finance. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 31(2), 76-94.


Zazanashvili, N., Garforth, M., Jungius, H., Gamkrelidze, T., & Montalvo Mancheno, C. S. (Eds.). (2013). Ecoregion conservation plan for the Caucasus: 2012 revised and updated edition. Tbilisi: WWF, KfW, BMZ.


Montalvo Mancheno, C. S., Nakhutsrishvili, G., & Zazanashvili, N. (2013). A perspective on ecological corridors for maintaining healthy ecological processes in the Caucasus. In K. Bauch (Ed.), 5th symposium for research in protected areas: Conference volume (Vol. 5, pp. 523-526). Mittersil, Austria:

Salzburger Nationalparkfonds.


Montalvo Mancheno, C. S. (2012, September). Development of an ecological network approach in the Caucasus. The Circle, 3, 28-31.

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