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Rachel Mirk


About me


After completing my bachelor’s degree in zoology in 2021, I am now undertaking my honours under the supervision of Barry Brook, with secondary supervisors from the Forest Practices Authority and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. My project focusses on identifying the range boundary, abundance, and habitat type(s) of the Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus (Antechinus vandycki) and how it might differ from other antechinus species in Tasmania. As there is very little currently known about the species, this research can provide some fundamental information into its autecology and may offer insight into why the genus diverged. I am hoping to continue with a career focussed on the conservation of wildlife biodiversity and endangered/threatened species management.

Key interests

  • biodiversity conservation

  • camera trap methodology

  • conservation physiology

  • distribution modelling

  • wildlife ecology

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