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Laura Maria Cardona


Contact me


Research gate: ttps://

Twitter: @LauraMCar20

About me

My background is on ecology (birds and their role as seed dispersers) and sustainable tourism management, and I am passionate about wildlife conservation. I am from Colombia, and have also lived and worked in Brazil, Indonesia and Australia, gaining experience within my two favourite areas: eco-tourism and ecology.
My postgraduate research will be focused on measuring the impacts of human presence on wildlife habitat use and behaviour, with a focus on Tasmanian wilderness areas, National Parks, and Reserves.

Key interests

  • Environmental conservation

  • Wildlife ecology

  • Ornithology

  • Biogeography

  • Landscape-scale conservation


Stevenson, Pablo & Cardona, Laura & Cardenas, Sasha & Link, Andrés. (2021). Oilbirds disperse large seeds at longer distance than extinct megafauna. Scientific Reports. 11. 420. 10.1038/s41598-020-79280-4.

Cardenas, Sasha & Cardona, Laura & Echeverry-Galvis, Maria & Stevenson, Pablo. (2020). Movement patterns and habitat preference of Oilbirds (Steatornis caripensis) in the southern Andes of Colombia. Avian Conservation and Ecology. 15. 10.5751/ACE-01564-150205.

Stevenson, Pablo & Cardona, Laura & Acosta Rojas, Diana & Henao-Díaz, Luis & Cardenas, Sasha. (2018). DIET OF OILBIRDS (STEATORNIS CARIPENSIS) IN CUEVA DE LOS GUÁCHAROS NATIONAL PARK (COLOMBIA): TEMPORAL VARIATION IN FRUIT CONSUMPTION, DISPERSAL, AND SEED MORPHOLOGY. Ornitología Neotropical. 28. 295-307.

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